Photo sharing with Flickr

Flickr is a popular photo sharing site and one of the largest online image repositories. Flickr is very popular with a large number of professional and amateur photographers. It has many features which make it easy for you to present lots of images through tagging and arranging them in different groups or sets. You can also control how images are shared. You can keep keep some out of the public view, and allow others to be used freely. You can create groups of friends and share your photos only with them. There are over 200 million images available under Creative Commons licences, which makes it an amazing global resource.

What can I use it for: 

Finding images for campaign flyers and posters, to give greater impact to your message.

Storing images for projects where large numbers of images have been gathered from geographically disparate locations.


A very diverse range of images are available for free use.

Great access control and other features for organising and showcasing your photos.


As a corporate cloud-based service it is not suitable for sensitive photographic evidence.

Platform (OS): 
Commercial but supports Creative Commons images
Training Materials: