लोकसाहित्य पर एक नारीवादी पहल

इजिप्ट के चित्रकारों और अधिवक्ताओं ने मिलकर एक छोटा एनीमेशन विडियो बनाया जो कि पारंपरिक अरबी कहानियों पर आधारित था, जिन्हें नारीवादी दृष्टिकोण के साथ पुनः रचा गया था। इस विडियो में जेंडर असमानता को दर्शाने के लिए जानवरों और अन्य चीज़ों का रचनात्मक तरीके से उपयोग किया गया है , और इसे देखने वालों के प्रति संवेदनशीलता रखते हुए बनाया गया है। इसे टेस्सा लेविन और Women and Memory Forum, Egypt ने तैयार किया है।


Sexist Google search terms posters

This campaign by UN Women was created to highlight how gender inequalities are deeply entrenched in every society. By using the worlds most popular search engine, Google, the series of images show the results of genuine searches that show the extent of sexist opinions on the world wide web. 

The rest of the images, created by Christopher Hunt, can be viewed here




Portraits of sexual assault survivors

Project Unbreakable is an online photo exhibition that aims to 'increase awareness of the issues surrounding sexual assault'. Started in 2011 by then nineteen year old Grace Brown, each photo is a simple portrait of a sexual assault survivor holding a poster with quotes from the person who attacked them. 

Grace herself has photographed around 300 hundred people and has received over a thousand submissions that have been sent in from all over the world. 




Visualising rape convictions

Based on rape-related statistics in the UK, David Mccandless published a data visualisation that makes these statistics more accessible. From a big blue semicircle representing the 78,000 estimated rapes per year, the circles get smaller as you scroll down through the number of rapes reported, then the number of perpetrators prosecuted, and then finally - a relatively tiny circle at the bottom - the number of convictions.


Stamps to remember the revolution

To honour people and cities that had a profound effect on the course of the Syrian revolution, anonymous artists created special stamps and published them on Facebook.


Personal stories of harassment

Blank Noise explores the issue of sexual harassment of women by combining personal storytelling with public actions. Women tell their stories by sending garments that they wore when harassed, blog together during a ‘blogathon’ about what happened to them, post photographs of places where they were harassed, and tell stories of how they reacted to street harassment.


Remixed presidential posters

Egyptians remixed images of President Mubarak into popular film posters. The images spread quickly on the internet. The humour in the posters took away from Mubarak’s mystique, and allowed people who did not think of themselves as activists to stand up to their president, even in a joking way. 


Men against domestic violence

The Bell Bajao campaign was conceived by Mumbai-based NGO Breakthrough, to mobilise men to take a stand against domestic violence.

A series of public service announcements were broadcast on Indian radio, television and print showing men and boys who had witnessed domestic violence and intervened. 'Bell Bajao' translates as 'ring the bell', referring to the idea that anyone can help stop domestic violence by being proactive and drawing attention to it.


The Zero Rupee fights corruption

The Zero Rupee Note is a campaign tool that Vijay Anand created through his organisation 5th pillar.

The Zero Rupee note is a visual aid to mobilise people to say 'no' to corrupt officials and to expose where and when bribes are demanded. Its design is based on the Indian 50 Rupee note, but printed on the note in English and Tamil is the message: 'Eliminate Corruption at all levels' and 'I promise to neither accept nor give a bribe'.