Page layout wtih Scribus

Scribus is a page layout programme. It can be compared to Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. With Scribus you can create layouts for newsletters, bulletins, manuals, reports and other printed materials that require text and image layout. It is a good tool to use when you are creating publications that need a more specialised approach. Scribus has a user-friendly interface but also supports advanced features like colour separation, CMYK, and flexible creation of PDF documents.

What can I use it for: 

Creating publicity and campaign leaflets, flyers and posters where visual precision is important.

Communicating research materials, experiences and analysis with books and booklets.


Can move beyond the limits of Office-based layout to a more professional print approach.

Good compatibility with LibreOffice – formatting and styles can be imported.


Harder to get started creating documents, compared to word processing programs.

It can't work with other desktop publishing file formats like InDesign or Publisher.

Platform (OS): 
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Training Materials: 
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