Converting DVD discs

HandBrake was created to convert DVD discs into smaller video files suitable for viewing and sharing on the Internet. This is called 'DVD ripping'. HandBrake is popular, and is available for many different operating systems. There are now more features including transcoding, which means changing one type for video file into another. This is very useful for video makers wanting to make their projects small enough to fit on a CD, or to share online or on a mobile device. You can also create video files with subtitles burned into them, or specialised MKV files (matroska format) which can contain more than one subtitle file at one time, allowing viewers to select their language in their video playing application.

What can I use it for: 

Converting a DVD to a video file with the option to include multiple subtitles in different languages.

Creating an accessible archive of documentary videos as a community resource.

Distributing campaign videos or video documentation of humans rights abuses on the internet.


A flexible tool which works on many different operating systems.

There are good preset files to make complicated processes more simple.


Doesn't support many file output formats, including AVI and MPEG-2.

Platform (OS): 
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Tool category: