"Rape: It's Your Fault!" video

A satirical video called "Rape: It's Your Fault", by Indian comedy collective All India Bakchod, exposes the ridiculousness and injustice of the victim-blaming that women in India so often experience when it comes to cases of rape and sexual assault.






Cartoon hero Salwa in Lebanon

The Adventures of Salwa is a campaign against sexual harassment started by a group of women in Beirut, Lebanon. Salwa is a cartoon character, an ordinary Lebanese girl that has been selected to be the spokeswoman for the campaign.


'No Woman, No Drive' video

The Saudi artist's Hisham Fageeh, Fahad Albutairi and Alaa Wardi created a satirical video named 'No Woman, No Drive' based on Bob Marley's famous song 'No Woman, No Cry', ridiculing the female driving ban in Saudi Arabia. The viral video pokes fun at one cleric's assertion it could harm reproductive organs.


Animating climate change

To inspire people to organise climate change actions around the world, created an animated video about climate change to get their message across. The video does not use any words so it can be understood by speakers of all languages and uses the number 350, which refers to the number scientists say is the safe limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The animation was published on, as well as YouTube and Facebook to reach out to as many people as possible.


Exposing police torture in Egypt

Journalist Noha Atef created in 2006 to document human rights abuses committed by police against Egyptian citizens, using photos and videos submitted by readers. In some cases, the videos are shot by the police themselves.

After she drew local media attention to her stories, an innocent man who had been jailed for 14 years was released from prison.


Men against domestic violence

The Bell Bajao campaign was conceived by Mumbai-based NGO Breakthrough, to mobilise men to take a stand against domestic violence.

A series of public service announcements were broadcast on Indian radio, television and print showing men and boys who had witnessed domestic violence and intervened. 'Bell Bajao' translates as 'ring the bell', referring to the idea that anyone can help stop domestic violence by being proactive and drawing attention to it.


Torture at the president’s palace

After the Tunisian government blocked video sharing websites, advocates responded by making an interactive Google Earth mashup - plotting human rights videos on a 3D map in the same location as the Presidential Palace. This also allowed people to still see the videos even though direct access to YouTube had been denied. Advocates used a combination of video, animation, and storytelling.


Comedy Skits Expose Discrimination

Sheno Ya3ni (which translates as “What’s that?” or “So what?”) is a group of actors from the Arab Gulf and the Middle East who created a series of online videos to expose and challenge discrimination and corruption in the Kuwaiti society and the political system. Their first five videos, in which they make fun of politicians in public announcements, coincided with the Kuwaiti parliamentary elections in February 2012, reaching on average 40,000 viewers. The group’s YouTube channel now has over 3 million video views.


Presidential Plane Spotting

Tunisian bloggers collaborated on a mapping project that revealed the presidential plane was being used for extensive personal travel. Their campaign began when a blogger, Astrubal, discovered images of the Tunisian president's plane on websites devoted to tracking air traffic. Using this data, Astrubal combined the plane photos with a visualisation created using Google Earth to show which airports the plane had been seen at and when. The video spread on YouTube, which led to the mainstream media investigating further.


Filming corrupt police officers

The Targuist Sniper was an advocate who filmed police officers in Morocco repeatedly demanding bribes from motorists and published them on YouTube where they were heavily viewed. As a result the government not only took action against the police officers, but also used the same technique as the Targuist Sniper and installed video cameras to catch police in the future.