Visualising rape convictions

Based on rape-related statistics in the UK, David Mccandless published a data visualisation that makes these statistics more accessible. From a big blue semicircle representing the 78,000 estimated rapes per year, the circles get smaller as you scroll down through the number of rapes reported, then the number of perpetrators prosecuted, and then finally - a relatively tiny circle at the bottom - the number of convictions. The circles are supplemented by other related information, such as why victims don't report rape, and why cases are lost at the police stage of the proceedings. 

Rape: A Lack of Conviction is a data visualisation designed to give the viewer a detailed insight into the many complex and sensitive reasons as to why the conviction figure is so low. Along with the visual, David Mccandless also provided supplementary data and background information to encourage the viewer to explore the information independently.

Explore the visualisation here