Soundcloud for audio files

SoundCloud is an internet service that allows you to listen to and share audio files. The service is mostly used by musicians, but SoundCloud actively encourages contributions from journalists, communities and campaigners. You can upload large files and make them available for online listening or for download. You can add audio from your smart phone, email or via a phone call. You can also embed a SoundCloud audio player in the pages of your blog or website. Users can leave comments at specific points on each audio track.

What can I use it for: 

Hosting radio shows about a specific cause or group.

Uploading audio news reports or field research to the internet from mobile phones.


Very easy to use, flexible and visually attractive Integrates well with other ways of distributing audio.

There is a huge community of users and many additional applications for SoundCloud.


As a commercial service you should make backups of your files in case the service is withdrawn.

Limit of 120 minutes of content with free account.

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