Collaboration tips

Working with freelancers

  • RecruitingWord-of-mouth is the best way to find competent freelancers. Ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. You can also proceed in reverse, starting with examples of recent work that you like, or that is similar to what you want, and inquire about who created it – this way you already have an idea of their capabilities and strengths. 
  • HiringDon't choose a freelancer on price alone. A more expensive freelancer is so for a reason. Factor in the quality of their work, their level of experience and their aptitude at using a variety of tools and styles.
  • Negotiating Outline clearly the scope and timeline of the project at the outset. This is especially important if the freelancer will be working from a distance. Make sure you also specify the usage and ownership rights on the work and the duration of these rights. Some creative design work, like illustrations, will require an extra fee depending on the work's distribution format and how many copies are produced.
  • Working Give feedback early and often. Try to schedule a workplan that allows for frequent review and development through feedback from both parties. Keep in mind also that you often aren't the only client – inquire about the freelancer's workload and consider how this will affect the timeline of your project.



Image credits: This photo is made available under a Creative Commons by-sa licence via OpenSourceWay on Flickr.